Green guidance and vulnerable groups–between opportunity and luxury: overcoming attitudinal barriers

Members of our team participated on the NICEC Conference 2024 – “Career and Sustainability: Skills, wellbeing and the environment” in Birmingham. The conference focused on career and sustainability, defined broadly, as ‘the integration of social equity, economic vitality and environmental health and well-being in order to create thriving healthy, diverse and resilient communities now and in the future’.

We presented a workshop that introduced the concept of green career guidance and explored challenges in its practical implementation. We focused primarily on disadvantaged target groups (low-skilled, long-term unemployed, with low-qualification jobs) that are most vulnerable and strongly affected by the green transformation. We presented different concepts and approaches to implementing green career guidance into practice, paying attention to the ethical challenges associated with its implementation, which have emerged in our recent joint-EU research (UK, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Portugal and Norway).

You can find our thoughts and some snippets from the discussion in small groups in this presentation.

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