Katalyst education

Katalyst Education foundation is an incubator of innovation, supporting effective learning methodologies. The current Katalyst Education projects are: Mapa Karier (Career Map; www.mapakarier.org) – a free career counselling tool, and Pi-stacja (www.pistacja.tv) – free-of-charge video lessons for Polish and Ukrainian learners. We provide equal education opportunity via free, open resources – Open Educational Resources (OER).

Katalyst Education created the biggest project in the field of career counselling in Poland (www.mapakarier.org). Career Map is a free interactive source of information about career paths and labour market. Career Map was created to expand the knowledge of children and young people about the labour market and the world of professions. To date we’ve described in detail over 700 career paths. All data in the Career Map is available in two modes: The City of Professions (intended for preschool and early school age children), and the Career Paths (for teenagers and adults). In the 2020/21 school year we’ve introduced an innovative Preference filter which helps young people find the career paths best matched with their expectations. Career Map can be used in school lessons, extracurricular activities and during individual consultations with counsellors. For career counsellors and teachers we deliver worksheets and lesson scenarios, webinars, papers and online courses. We help introduce the youngest pupils to the world of professions and help those a bit older to plan their professional future. Each month the website is visited by 55K unique users on average.