Evidence on Green Guidance: A review of the literature

This paper explores literature which examines the intersection between career, career guidance, sustainability, green issues and environmental concerns. It finds that the literature is clear that climate change is real and already happening and that it is already having impacts on people’s careers through the greening of the labour market and education system and through a range of psycho-social effects such as climate anxiety. This has led to the development of an emergent ‘green guidance’ movement which explores how career guidance can respond to and challenge climate change. It finds three main approaches that are adopted which can be described as technocratic, developmental and emancipatory. A series of recommendations are discussed for the Exploring Green Guidance project.

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Bakke, I.B., Hooley, T., Kavková, E., Košťálová, H., Lucas Casanova, M., Ostroha, L., & Šprlák, T., & Wrzosek, M. (2024). Evidence on green guidance: A review of the literature. Exploring Green Guidance..